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Xverse Points Multiplier Campaign
Xverse Points Multiplier Campaign
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This help article covers everything about the Xverse points multiplier campaign.

If you are interested in Xverse's Blog, have a look here.

How to set up a Xverse Wallet?

A detailed rundown can be found here and a explainer video can be found here.

The points multiplier campaign will start on May 13th, 9am ET and will run until the May 27th, 9 am ET. During that time you are able to get a 1.5x multiplier on your points, by doing new loans on Liquidium.

Every information about points in general can be found here.

Note: We advise to not import your other wallets to Xverse, to avoid any unknown bugs. Preferably use your already in use Xverse wallet to make use of the multiplier.

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